Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Legend's Handshake

A legend's handshake
Carries with it
Blood of the wounds suffered
From all their fights
Sweat from the rigorous
Toiling and working to make something out of every minute
And tears from the loss
Though sometimes of the wins
That lady luck has graced them with
Yet you never see it
On their faces
But can feel it in their presence
Hear it in their voices - their songs
Touch it in their art
All usually in retrospect
But when you can
Appreciate & honor them in prospect
Hold those hands
Accord them all the respect
They deserve
Coz you are holding
Touching life's beauty & resilience
Maybe catching a glimpse of heaven
All in a legend's handshake

Words (Refixed)

That's all
That's all I have to offer
A hug
Or a kiss
I can't give
But merely express them
In words
All I can give
In an attempt
To comfort you
Wipe your tears
Try to make you smile
Draw a giggle
And hopefully a bit of a laughter
A genuine laughter
That's all I have to share
Not to flatter
Or deceive
But to remind you of your worth
Your beauty
Of your future
Despite your past
And no matter what your present says
Those I will keep sending to you
Morning, day or night
Words to rebuild
What others have torn down
Words to tear down
What others have built
Coz I know they mean a lot to you.
These are words for you
My friend


That's when you are left most exposed
Open to attack from every which way
We are vulnerable
Just when we expect
Bad and even the good to happen
At the possibility of a smile or a weep
At the eve of celebration or mourning
Just before full and the almost flowing over
When expecting a Yes
But know a No is just as plausible
When you open up and you can't quite tell how those that see you will treat you after
When you don't know what to expect
And your mantra is
"Expect the unexpected "
But if you really do that,
Aren't you expecting everything?
If it's darkest before dawn
Doesn't that mean it is brightest before dusk?
Because it's always
On the brink
When something's about to
But it's not quite
At the edge
The eve
Of anything
And sometimes of nothing
That we are most likely
To slip & fall
Or leap & fly
That point
Just like now
When this could go on
but might very easily be the end