Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Before the year kicks off,
Before you set your resolutions in motion,
Before you settle down to the idea of writing a different year on your date,
Before internet links go down,
and facebook,twitter & the rest of social network family fails
Before cell phone networks fail,
Before you become a subscriber who cannot be reached,
Before I run out credit,
Before my cell phone charge dies,
Before we lose touch,
Before I run out of time,
Before I run out of words,
Before I blackout,
Before I go crazy,
Before life takes a toll on me or you,
Before I get too busy,
Before I forget,
Before you forget me,
Before you feel unappreciated, unloved and lonely,
Before you find yourself alone,
Before all these unpredictable probabilities come to pass,
Let me wish you a………………..
Happy New Year,
Lovely Valentines Day,
Fun-filled April Fool’s Day,
Retrospective Easter,
Relaxing Labour Day,
Grateful Mother’s Day,
Liberating Madaraka Day,
Disciplined Father’s Day,
Heroic Mashujaa Day,
Scary Halloween,
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Day,
Caring Aids Day,
Merry Christmas,
Dedicated Hanukkah,
Interesting Boxing Day,
A full-of-family-love Kwanzaa,
Another Happy New Year,
Better Happy Birthday,
Promising Happy Anniversary,
Just before I forget.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Behind The Smile
are his countless tears
trying to drown the hurt
Is a web of fears
clouding his heart
He's stacking up sacks of prayers
Just so from him the loved ones never depart!

Behind The Smile
His soul is weary
of the burdens he's constantly asked to carry
His mind is lost in a maze of thoughts
Of how to break itself free
His body is crying out for a break
before it itself is made to break

Behind The Smile
Are the frowns
of all his dark lonely nights
Are the weeps
of all his shattered dreams
And of his broken heart

Behind The Smile
He is
Lusting for love
Fighting for peace
Working for rest
Wishing for hope
Weeping for a smile

Behind The Smile
he is asking
everyone under it's glow,
He is asking
all who are energized by it's flow,
He is asking
all who in it's light now can see where to go ...
why can't they see what lies
Behind The Smile!